Prosciutto di Parma, balsamico, Parmigiano Reggiano and pasta are only a small part of the regions heritage

cured meat

Food changes subtly and sometimes dramatically from one part of Emilia Romagna to another. Each area has it’s own style; the elegant restraint of Parma cooking, the medieval flavors of Ferrara, the richness of Bologna’s, the slightly countrified quality of Modena’s dishes or Piacenza’s blending of the three regions at her border.

 Emilia Romagna is as gastronomically important as any land in the world. Fish is abundant here due to the long coastline of Romagna and the richness of the Adriatic waters. The Appennines flank the western part of the region and there is a mountain culture where food is also cultivated.

The best fresh fruits and vegetables in Italy are cultivated in the vast fertile plains here. Romagna is the fruit orchard of Italy, one of the most luscious in Europe. The best cherries peaches, melons and pears are grown right here, along with farm fresh artichokes, courgettes, fava beans, olives, asparagus, pumpkins, chestnuts, porcini mushroom and truffles.

Pasta is king in Emilia Romagna, thanks to the local cultivation of a special wheat and availability of chickens. Fresh egg pasta is most common here, rolled and cut into many shapes. Bread can also be found in numerous shapes and sizes, from the classic piadina, a soft, flat bread typical of Romagna, to the gnocco fritto, or fried dough.

In Emilia Romagna, really good food reigns supreme and is integrated into nearly every aspect of life. It’s a region worth visiting with the spirit and curiosity of a real food enthusiast. To plan an adventure, contact me:

Bomba di Riso

Bomba di Riso

A specialty of Piacenza and Parma dating back to the 17th century. A savory rice dish molded into a dome and stuffed with braised pigeon.